• April 16th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is a continuation of the attached paper.

In this discussion, you will share your search strategies that you have employed to find evidence for your study. For this discussion:
•State your PICOT question. Did using the terms used in this question lead you to useful research studies?
•What MESH terms have you tried? Did they help you find additional studies? Are you finding MESH terms useful to expand or delimit your search?
•Are you finding relevant articles? If not, how did you modify your search to increase productivity?
•Indicate which databases you used—those you found useful and those that were not.
•What levels of evidence do the studies you are finding represent?
•Post any questions or concerns you may have and provide feedback and recommendations to your classmates. Working together and sharing search strategies is very helpful.

Use the Search Tracker to keep track of search terms.

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