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Demographic Analysis Project

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This Local Population Demographic Research Project includes a Needs Assessment, Rationale, and Program/Policy/Business Proposal for a City’s Older Population.

Length: 10 PAGES, excluding graphics
Pick an American City whose older population you would like to study. Go to factfinder.census.gov and get the data on it. Instructions on how to do this will be presented in class and in recorded lecture/powerpoint. Use 2010 Decennial Census data, the most recent American Community Survey, or American Housing Survey. If you want, you can compare 2010 to 2000 data to show that the population is changing.
Take note of whether your each set of data is population (people), householders/households (people) or housing units (structures in which people live). Investigate older populations in the City and details about it. With this you are painting a demographic picture of aging in the city. For example, you will discuss a range of topics such as age, sex, and race, grandparenting and caring for grandchildren, disability, household composition and size, income, employment, retirement, income, length of residence. Give a written summary of many segments of the older population, and then you will then choose a specific or smaller segment of the older population to talk about it detail. An example would be grandparents raising grandchildren or multigenerational housing. Make your own tables, figures, and charts to improve your report.
There are three sections to this assignment (each worth 100 points). In addition to
a) describing the demographic material (Census/ACS/AHS data), you also must

b) discuss how your findings represent and relate to the theories and issues discussed in class AND you must

c) include a suggestion of a new OR analysis of an existing private or public sector program or policy to meet the needs of the population you examined. Here is a description of the three sections of your paper:

a. The demographic component of this assignment is a description and “needs assessment” of the population to be served in the local program or business now and in the future assuming that the Baby Boomers who reside in the area will age in place there. If you are writing up a proposed business, then this demographic section would be part of your business plan for proposed consumers of the concept. You want investors to see that there is a big demand in the city for your idea. If you are writing up a non-profit or government run program, then this demographic section is a brief needs assessment that would convince an outside funder that they should put money into your program because of the high need in the city.

b. The theoretical component of this assignment is the “rationale” or motivation for the program you will discuss in part 3. For example, if you are choosing to focus on grandparents raising grandchildren, you will address the importance of family ties, social support systems, and the grandparent role as discussed in Chapter 8 of Quadagno and a few additional related journal articles such as Vern Bengtson’s Burgess Award Lecture on multigenerational bonds. You need to use critical thinking to figure out how theories presented in course material apply to the segment of the population you are studying. Don’t forget to consider ethnicity, race, income, and geographical location as well as age when you assess your population under a theoretical perspective. Be sure to paraphrase theories that apply to your data, to cite your references, and not to copy and paste text from articles or other internet sources.

c. The final portion of this assignment is to draw on your data and theory to propose a new or amended policy, program, or business. For example, if I discovered that there are a lot of grandparents raising grandchildren in Culver City, I would outline a proposed for-profit, non-profit or government run program to assist or serve this segment of the population—such as an after school tutoring program, transportation program to drive the kids to school, etc. Or I could propose how an existing senior center or school district program could be amended to include more grandparents raising grandkids. For this, you can also discuss examples of extant programming or policies in similar cities to show best practices in the field. If the program or policy you discuss already exists in your city, you must propose detailed changes based on the new findings you have about an unmet need.

Use graphics, maps, tables, figures to embellish your report. They are not counted in the word limit. Organize your paper carefully. Label your sections. Give the reader as much clarification as possible. Imagine you are applying for a grant or business start-up funding and want to explain everything as carefully and succinctly as possible. (If this were part of a grant proposal or business plan, you would then need to outline a budget, staffing needs, request for funds, matching funds, references, etc.)

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