• February 4th, 2017

Definition essay

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Do not use the word “thing” or any word that has “thing” in it (like anything or something). Be specific with your diction. Do not Shift in point of view. If you start in a first person point of view (I) maintain that point of view. If you start in a third person point of view (he, she, it, they) do not shift into first person point of view. Need to choose one point of view (first or third) and maintain that same point of view. Never use the word “you” in your essay. It places assumptions upon the audience which may not apply. Do not use contractions; this will elevate your voice and style of writing. For example: Students shouldn’t procrastinate. Revise: Students should not procrastinate. Do not use text language (wanna, kinda, u, c) Use commas and semicolons correctly. Do not use “a lot.” This is a piece of land and slang. Use “a great deal” or “many.” Use vivid diction and imagery. Use active verbs and concrete nouns.

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