• April 15th, 2016

Defining concept of design thinking

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Note: the essay has to be around 2000 words only in part 1 explained in the task description. That’s why I have indicated 2750 words because other 3 parts should not be included in the word count.

(Include: structure the work under headings and sub headings)

part 1) Complete a thoroughly researched essay defining the concept of design thinking
(!note: design and design thinking are not the same thing!)
• Evidence of your knowledge and engagement of design thinking issues
Do not include:
• Content page
• Conclusion

In introduction include:
• Choose any 3-4 design thinking models and appropriate examples where design thinking concepts are used (e.g. technological examples)
• Introduction to your examples
• Explanation of how your examples are linked in some way
• Approx. 200 words

My own definition of Design Thinking
• Write it in one sentence

Examples of Design Thinking application in a business world:
Provide 3-4 examples with titles (e.g. Example 1 – Google self-driving car)
• Evaluation of design thinking impact on business strategy in a global context
• Evidence of your knowledge and engagement of issues
• A different design thinking model needs to accompany each example
• Use the ‘design thinking model’ terminology as sub-headings
• One (or more) visual(s) needs to accompany each example

part 2) Include Case studies
Provide minimum 2 case studies with titles
• Case studies that explore existing applications of design thinking in the business world that relate to, add value and meaning to your examples
• Ensure the sources are clear labelled
• Ensure they are cited in your examples e.g. (case study 1 Apple sustainability)
• Do not write your own

part 3) Include an Appendix
Choose a Design Thinking book, article or website and comment on how effective it is (approx. 250 words)

part 4) Reference list

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