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Define an Asian American

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Essay 5 Definition Assignment

This assignment asks you to write an extended definition of a term. A term is a word or expression

that has a precise meaning in certain uses. The Definition chapter notes: “A definition explains what

a term means or which meaning is intended when a word has several different meanings.” See the

chapter’s use of Standard Definition and Extended Definition. You are writing the Extended type.

The Definition chapter also includes sample essays, which define Freegans, Dude, Guerrilla Street

Art, and Dating with Autism. Study these extended definitions.

Unlike a dictionary, which generally gives a single-sentence meaning (Standard Definition), your

definition essay will use the Extended Definition method. In doing so, you may employ several

patterns of development: Illustration, Narration, Comparison & Contrast, Description, and


Essay 5 is a personal opinion essay, not a research paper. No more than 10% of your essay may

have borrowed material. The length of that information should not exceed four sentences.

Therefore, define a term that you know well—not one that demands research. Write from your

personal experience. Any paper with excessive borrowed material will be penalized.

Several topics for this essay are described in the Definition chapter, but not all of them might be

suitable since you must borrow one (1) source of information in your discussion. Therefore, see my

Definition topics. Sometimes a controversial topic works well. Your own topic is acceptable,

provided you discuss it with me first, and you submit Draft 5.

Your essay will be evaluated on these criteria. Pay attention to any possible penalties:

1. A dictionary may be used for a brief, single-sentence reference but not used as your main

citation for the paper. Do not cite the dictionary if you use it this way.

2. Do not use the Internet [Google, etc.] Exception: Occupational Outlook Handbook

3. Use MLA style to cite researched information. See your text for guidance.

4. Use one (1) source of borrowed information: a college electronic database, print periodical

or print book, etc. If your Essay 5 has no borrowed source, it will be marked down by two

(2) grades.

5. Use a thesis and provide topic sentences to lead off paragraphs.

6. In-text citation (within paragraph) and end-text citation (work cited) are required.

7. Essay 5 is due at start of class. Class dismissed early on day of essay submission. Late essay

not accepted. If your Essay 5 is not peer read, it will be marked down by one (1) grade.

8. Read Preparing Your Final Draft on pp 614-16 for heading, title, paragraphing, spacing,

margins, etc. Print page number + last name in upper/right corner of all pages.

9. If you fail to submit Draft 5, your E5 will be marked down by one (1) grade. You may not

choose a self-topic on Essay 5 if you fail to hand in Draft 5. Essay 5 grade will be zero.

10. Use no cover page or plastic cover. Use heading on page one. Staple all pages.

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