• April 19th, 2016

Death of salesman and American dreams

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Researched Argument Assignment:
One of the themes from Miller’s Death of a Salesman is the “American Dream.” In 2016, is the American Dream achievable?
You are to answer that question, making an argument that it is or isn’t or is only partially achievable. You will first need to define what the dream means to you or to society today Then, for support, look at issues that are relevant to today’s society. For example, there has been much talk recently about the 1% and the 99% as far as income goes. How does that affect the ability to achieve in this country? Remember, this is an example, not what you have to have as support. It is up to you to determine approach you want to take, provided it relates to the theme from the drama.

Your essay will need to be argumentative, where you are taking a stand and entering the conversation about the topic instead of one where you are simply reciting information you have found through research.

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