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Db forum #12

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Db forum #12: ANOVA
1. What is an analysis of variance?  When is it done?
2. A professor’s research assistant has a penchant for cutting corners.  Due to the rather complex nature of the ANOVA test the professor has asked the assistant to perform, he has opted, instead, to simply run a series of t-tests.  Why might this be a bad decision for our assistant?
3. Answer Q12 from Chapter 12, showing all 5 steps of the test. Describe and interpret the findings of your analysis.
Does the inmates-to-staff ratio very across prisons as a function of security level? The following table contains data from the Census of State and Federal Adult Correctional Facilities (CSFACF). A sample of prisons is broken down by security level and for each one the number of inmates per correctional staff member is recorded. Using an alpha level of .05, test the null hypothesis of no difference between the group means against the alternative hypothesis that at least one group mean is significantly different from at least one other. Use all five steps. If appropriate, compute and interpret omega squared.
Security level

(X1) Medium
(X2) Maximum
(X3) Super Maximum
1 3 3 6
8 4 6 9
5 8 6 11
3 7 5 12
9 5 4 10
2 10 5 8
N1=6 N2=6 N3=6 N4=6

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