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Db #13

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Db forum #13: Correlation
Is there a relationship between the number of juveniles arrested for violent crimes and the unemployment rate? A student ran a correlation analysis in SPSS and got the following results:
Rate Jan.1996 Number of Juveniles
Arrested Violent Crimes
(under 18), 2003
Unemployment rate, Person Correlation
1996 Sig. (2-tailed)

50 .130
Number of Juveniles Person Correlation
Arrested Violent Crimes Sig. (2-tailed)
(under 18), 2003 N
50 1


Using the information above, perform a hypothesis test showing all 5 steps (use the output for Step 4). Justify your conclusions.
2. Interpret the following correlation coefficients:
a. -.55 between the crime rate in a neighborhood and the median income level per household.
b. .17 between the number of hours spent working after school and self-report delinquency.

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