• April 6th, 2016

Database programming

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GI Joe Patient Tracking application seeks to become the sole universal patient tracking application for wounded warriors and replace the complex maze of locating patients. GI Joe patient tracking and flow is an easy to use patient tracking software data base that has the ability to locate patients anywhere in the world as well as see real time secure status updates. Our goal in this project is to replace the current paper-based or stand-alone email legacy patient data and tracking system of injured Soldiers in all theaters of operation throughout the world. We will incorporate the use of computerized tracking bracelets for all patients once they reach “definitive” care and automate and collect data that is automatically transferred to the patient tracking database application. This system is designed to record the movement of patients from one location to another. It has the ability to capture all real time medical data and will continuously be updated until the patient is returned to duty or transferred to the Warrior Transition Unit. There will be a function within the data base that alerts commanders(chain of command) of any changes to Soldiers under their command. Unlike other patient tracking databases our system allows both medical personnel and the Soldiers commander(chain of command) to access medical information. However, it has the ability to only show the medical information that individual users are allowed to know in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability(HIPAA). Our data base will output real time patient tracking information on a global platform.

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