• July 31st, 2015

Data Analysis (IBM SPSS Data) & Discussion

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) Data Analysis section (Like there is positive correlation between knowledge management and leadership, or negative correlation, or what the high mean means, etc etc)
2) Discussion section.

The data is already obtained from IBM SPSS software and the tables are attached as word files. I need someone who has experience with interpreting IBM SPSS tables results. If you open the word document “full assignment.doc” it has all the sections with instructions in the Data Analysis section and Discussion section written in Red. I will upload “SPSS Data.zip” that has all the tables ready for you to interpret and analyze. I need you to insert these tables in the analysis section then explain what they mean, then in the discussion section compare what we got in our analysis with what others in the literature review found. All the instructions are in “full assignment.doc” file.

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