• April 13th, 2016

Data Analysis for Market Segmentation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Follow these steps to take the VALSTM survey.

Click here to go to the online VALSTM Survey Web site.
Scroll to the bottom of the Web page that opens and click Take the Survey. The VALSTM Survey page opens that lists the questions you have to answer.
Click the appropriate option for each question.
At the end of the survey, please copy and paste your results into a Word document. Save this document to your desktop.
Respond to the following:

State the dominant ways the VALSTM Survey has assigned to you.
Describe how these dominant ways influence your buying behavior.
Compare the results with the way you perceive yourself. Did the survey accurately indicate the type of person you are?
Ask your friends or relatives to list the perceptions they have of you.
Ask your friends or relatives to review the results of the survey. Ask them to compare the results with their list of perceptions. Did their perceptions differ or did they tally with the results of the online survey?
Write a 500–750-word paper in Word format. Format your assignment according to MLA guidelines. Name your assignment: AI_CUL431_W2_A1_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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