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The department chairs of three MPA programs agreed to collaborate on a study about differences in the student demographics as well as attitudes about their respective programs. One was a large program within a university, one was a small program within a small college, and one was an online program. The three chairs were curious to see if there were variations in attitudes because of the differences in the programs.

A random sample was selected from each school. The survey was confidential and all respondents were assured that only aggregate results would be presented. A small incentive was included in the first mail-out: a school key chain. A second survey was sent to those who had not returned the questionnaire on week after the deadline. Three weeks later, the non-responders were called to remind them to complete the survey. Three weeks later, a final postcard reminder was sent out. This extensive follow-up yielded an overall response rate of more than 60 percent in each school; 170 students responded from the large program, 55 from the small program, and 92 from the online program. Data can be found in attached documents.

You have been asked to analyze the data. Please provide the following:

Whether students in the three programs differ, and if so, the strength of those relationships. Use all of the data presented to compile your response.
Identify other factors that might explain differences in the percentages who would strongly recommend their program to others or not.
Summarize and present your results.

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