• April 26th, 2016

Curriculum Development Assignment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  • A discussion of the teacher decisions around consideration of learning, selection of teaching

methods, assessment and evaluation with supporting references back to the educational



  • Quality of expression and academic literacy (inclusive of APA 6th)


This assignment requires students to write a report to support the rationale of the design of a 5 week unit plan they would develop and implement curriculum for a particular cohort in one of their discipline areas. Students will follow a process of:


  1. Select a curriculum document from the VCAA website based on your discipline area and target a particular year level.


  1. Students are to develop a recommended guideline of curriculum design and implementation to address the requirements of the school, which caters for the school group, while balancing the requirements of the curriculum document. This process should be reflective of the philosophies and strategies presented in the course and substantiated with references. This is a statement of intent that will drive the design of the unit of lessons.


  1. Students should elaborate on the “how” by integrating specific examples of curriculum components and resources materials into a plan of a 5 week unit of lessons.


  1. A fresh, yet practical and individual approach which indicates the student’s own theory of education should also be evident in this assignment.


  1. Students are encouraged to develop an aspirational unit for student learning that utilises rich authentic tasks and ‘stretching’ and which extends Male & Waters notions of ‘irresistible learning’ and stands as an example of ‘world-class curriculum for the 21st century’

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