• April 7th, 2016

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For this paper you will research societies currently facing problems due to globalization and choose one in which to write your paper. For example, there are numerous Indigenous societies that are currently battling oil companies, or other energy, and some who have been harmed by Coca Cola. The current issue should be within the past five years and should be relevant to the courses area of focus in anthropology. For example, as a student in Cultural Anthropology you should not choose Mad Cow Disease and then discuss genetics of the disease. You need to discuss the cultural impacts of the issue you have chosen. You are expected to research the issue thoroughly. You must have at least four reputable sources, not including Wikipedia. I also encourage you to contact a representative of your chosen society, if possible. In your discussion of your chosen issue, make sure to include the following: it’s origins, the players, the cultural impacts faced by the society, how the issue was resolved or, if it is not currently resolved, what is currently happening, what is slated to happen in the future and/or your thoughts on possible resolution of the issue, if possible. The paper is to be 5-7 pages in length. All papers must use Times New Roman, 12-point font and the margins should be one-inch. The paper should be double-spaced with the exception of your name, date, and class information located in the top left hand corner of your paper – this is to be single spaced. Please see below for bibliography information. If you would like to include photos, charts, etc., please place them into an Appendix at the end of the paper. The rubric for the assignment is located in the course syllabus.

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