• April 7th, 2016

Current business problem/ Gender Discrimination

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Requirements for Your Assignment: Your assignment should be 1000 words in length, excluding the title page and reference page(s). Your examination should be both thorough and succinct. This is a combination that demands time and thought, so give yourself sufficient time to draft and revise. Your assignment should include citations, as well as a list of references. Both must be in APA form. You should draw from the sources provided in your chosen case category in the discussion this week. Also refer to Section 9.1: The Argumentative Essay and the introduction to Section 9.2: Strengthening the Argumentative Essay (intro only for the latter) from Hardy, J., Foster, C., & Zúñiga y Postigo, G. (2015). No Wikipedia articles and the like should be included in the references, nor employed to inform your paper. Also keep in mind that dictionary definitions are not references in the academic sense.

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