• May 8th, 2015

Cross Cultural Leadership

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Glug plc (hypothetical not real) is a company, based in the UK, which manufactures and distributes its own branded soft drinks to an international, primarily European, market. The company’s headquarters are in the UK, but they have manufacturing and bottling plants in a number of different countries including Denmark, Turkey and Romania.

The Board of Directors of Glug now wish to transform their product from a mere export to a global product which is universally and instantly recognisable around the world, on every continent. In order to achieve this, Glug plc is putting together a large project management team of around fifty staff, consisting of talented individuals from every world geographical region, ranging from production specialists to marketing experts. The members of the team will work from their own countries, keeping in touch through e-mail and video conferencing. They will physically meet once every three months in London for a face to face project progress meeting.

The success of this project is critical to the implementation of the company’s long term strategy. Therefore, the Chief Executive Officer is keen to appoint a Project Manager to oversee this diverse and geographically dislocated team. Although every member of the team is able to speak English, the Chief Executive Officer is worried that the dispersed and diverse nature of the team will result in a tough assignment for anybody appointed to the position of Project Manager. In order to assist him in recruiting a suitable candidate to lead this multi-disciplinary, international team, he has turned to a professional leadership and management consultant for advice; you.

He asks you to produce a report for him covering the following:


Write a report for the Chief Executive Officer.

The report should cover:

• Evaluate the factors which should be taken into account when managing such a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed team such as this. (30 marks)

• Prioritise the factors which should be considered when deciding the type of individual, in terms of experience, skills and competencies, who should be appointed as the manager of this team. (30 marks)

• Given the nature of this team, compare and contrast the approaches and styles of leadership that would be most effective in ensuring the successful delivery of this project. (30 marks)

• The report format should include an executive summary, introduction, body (research, analysis of findings), conclusion, recommendations, references and appendices. 
(10 marks)

You must support all the points, arguments and recommendations you make with appropriate theory.

Assignment guidance: 

• The word limit for this assignment is 3000 words.
• Students are expected to keep within the word limit. Appendices can only be used to support the main body of the report. Any new information included in the appendices will not be marked.
• Your assignment should be written as a formal report to the Chief Executive Officer, using an appropriate writing style and vocabulary.
• Assignments should be correctly referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. Incorrect or insufficient referencing will be penalised.
Assignments must be submitted via ‘Turnitin’. Individual feedback will be automatically generated by Turnitin once the marking and quality assurance process has been completed. 

The analysis must be supported by academic theories and concepts and the paper must be a report and comply with the Harvard referencing guidelines. The reflection must not be descriptive in nature; it should provide clear evidence of understanding of the issues under consideration.

There is no correct number of academic references to be utilised as the student must draw as many references as required to provide a high quality answer. However, a minimum of 12 academic sources are expected, and a majority of these should be current, internationally peer reviewed articles/journals or accredited textbook references. Sources such as Wikipedia and the like are not accepted. Sources available only online should be avoided.


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