• March 29th, 2016

Critique the academic paper by Van Weele & Rozemeijer.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Module: Procurement in Supply Networks Module:
Assessment framework: Report – 70%
Presentation – 30%

Word Count: 2,000 words (Plus or minus 10%). Penalties outside of this range

Written Report :
Topic: Critique the academic paper by Van Weele & Rozemeijer.
Titled – Professionalising purchasing in organisations: towards a
Purchasing Developmental Model.

Select your own organisation or a named organisation of your choice and reflect on the Stages of development Model 1 – 6. Discuss what stage your organisation has achieved against the set of criteria identified.

• Setting the scene – background of organisation or organisations
• Introduction (10%)
• Main body – Reflection of your chosen organisation against the stages of
development (35%)
• Analysis (25%)
• Conclusion and Recommendations (10%)
• References (Harvard) (20%)

• At least 5 distinct references
• At least 3 distinct sources (book, newspaper, academic publication, official website).
• Correctly formatted using Harvard Reference system (hand-out on Blackboard or http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/Guide69.pdf)

Reminder on plagiarism – please be careful to credit all sources of information accurately in your submission document. Refer to class hand-out, on how to write an essay/report etc.

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