• March 30th, 2016

Critique of Language Lesson

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From DVD that come with the book (Harmer,J.(2015).The Practice of English Language Teaching.5th ed. WE have to write 1000 words as a critique from video 6 lesson by Zeynep (Turkey) /per-intermediate Students /per-univesity adults . Contents: Students interview ; Reading comprehension with true/false
questions – Hot seat Focus on one student (Hassan) Siberian student who asked to talk about the weather in the north of Siberia On UNUSUAL way of planting questions Comparing answers in Pairs

so our Critique will be after watching ZEYNEP’s Lesson 8 Min which i will try to uploaded it here on Files Sections .
100 words introduction
250 words summary of more detailed information about the parts of the lesson.
600 words Critique of the lesson (useful for language learning ? interesting? effective?entertaining ….etc.
50 words summary rounds off your perspective.

YOU should draw on your experience as a learner/teacher well relevant reading from the subject.

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