• April 25th, 2016

Critically evaluate the reason why online advertisements are widely used and spread through social media corporations in capital society. Discuss the idea of digital labor and the prosumption culture.

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Explore social media networks as corporations that create profit and examine the ways a company such as Facebook, Twitter or Renren generates income, paying particular attention to the way this relies on free labour, and how this relates to advertising online. Through a theoretical exploration of representation we will also understand the properties of the digital mediated image.

looking into the culture of prosumption, how the way ownerships treat users and audiences as digital labour and how and what elements they gain benefits back from their customers. The inter-relationship and interdependences between ownership and customers will be looking at.
Through the growing tendency of democratization, the highly developed technological world and the time-space zoning of social life (Giddens, 1990), to manipulate how peoples identities are changed in a dynamic condition.

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