• April 6th, 2016

Critically discuss the claim that the concept of ‘social capital’ has relevance for understanding health profiles of rural and remote population groups in contemporary Australia

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assessment Criteria
– Introduction gives background to the topic and states precisely what the essay intends to
– Body of essay shows evidence of critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of relevant
research literature.
– Conclusion draws evidence together, does not over-generalise or introduce new material.
– Well structured, logically sequenced essay in appropriate English.
– Correct referencing technique

Essay Structure
– Body of essay shows a high level of critical analysis and synthesis of the relevant
literature and draws out important points
– Critical discussion develops a very convincing argument that directly addresses the
set question
– Conclusion is well written and draws the evidence together
-A very well structured essay, with clear logical flow.

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