• April 17th, 2016

Critically analyse the factors that could impact on the successful leadership of a programme or project. 4,000 words (100% of the marks).

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Critically analyse the factors that could impact on the successful leadership of a project management.
1. Abstract (200) words (without references)
2. Table of contents.
3. Introduction (400 words) should cover two main things:
a. I will write an overview about my project and I want you to rewrite it by academic style (without references see page 2)
b. This part must cover: why the project is necessary so that means write literature review about: electronic systems in healthcare, Radiology information system , critical findings alert in the system
4. Thesis statements has to be about the factor that impact on the successful leadership.

5. Adaptive leadership styles
6. Building high performing teams
7. Communication and interpersonal skills
8. Managing internal and external relationships
9. Managing Risks
10. Conclusion. (without citations) 200 words
Please note that from heading 4 to 9 is about Leadership in project management

Please not that:
1. The type of the essay must be (Critical analyse).
2. The number of references should be 80, and must be reliable, academic, up-to-date and accessible, I will check them myself and I brought you list of references to start with (page 3).
3. Every single sentence must be cited.
4. APA style should be used.
5. When write please be accurate when bring the information from the references because I will read the whole essay and check them.
6. Some points I need you to bring two references for it to show the evidence is strong e.g. : ( Ahmad, 2015: Robert, 2013)
7. Similarity must be 0% and I will submit it in the Turnitin which is for the UK’s Universities.

Please read it carefully and rewrite it in academic style:
“sending critical findings alert form radiology information system to hospital information system ‘which means that after the patient done the radiology exam the radiologists have to read the image and write report if the radiologist see any critical findings they will press the bottom of critical findings then it will send massage to the patients fail in the hospital information systems , once the physician who is responsible for the patents open the fill they will see the massage of critical findings .
“surmise it in your own word what I want to achieve “
as well it helps in the statistics who many critical cases we have, normal, abnormal to help reducing the waiting list of radiology departments and to be clears if the physician abusing the use of the radiology exam “

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