• April 13th, 2016

Critical Thinking: Postmortem Diagnostic of a Failed Sales Office Expansion

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Use Business Analysis Methodology:

Business analytics (BA) and how it fits into the business intelligence (BI) framework of an organization. How organizations can best utilize business analytics. Examines how organizations can create an analytics-driven culture. Determine the types of statistical analyses required for its business. How an organization can assess its current capability to perform the required analyses. Role of innovation in business analytics planning. Continual improvement of the business analytics capability and how this can be achieved will be examined. Statistical qualifications, statistical diagnostics and review. Statistical qualifications are essential in ensuring strong business analytics capabilities and effective decision making. Essential skills necessary for both analytics personnel and decision makers in the organization. Need to creating strong analytics personnel and advantages of certification of statistical professionals are presented. Statistical diagnostics and review, best statistical practices, essential for an organization’s strong business analytics capabilities and effective decision making ability. Statistical analysis to evaluate the quality of a data analysis and specifically how juxtaposition of data and analysis method can be utilized. Compare data splitting approaches to juxtaposition to see how analysis models can be validated. Statistical review can be used by an organization to improve future analytics-based decision making.

Hypothetical, Explain how/why a business expansion failed because it did not successfully utilize Business Analysis Methodology’s.

In the past year, your satellite TV organization made the business decision to open two new sales offices in Omaha and San Diego due anticipated growth in those areas of satellite TV subscribers.
Unfortunately the growth of new customers never materialized and the company lost $5M instead. Also, the company’s stock dropped by 20% in the last two months, the two new sales offices were closed, and 15% of the employees were let go.
You have been hired as the new CIO to perform a postmortem evaluation of this situation and determine why the new $10M business analytics system failed to produce accurate information for decision making.
Outline some of the reasons the decision to open the two new offices may have failed and what might be improved in the future to get the company back on course.

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