• April 19th, 2016

Critical Social Issue

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As we all know, how good early childhood education important for children. China’s education in the opposite direction, which school only focus on students’ test score, that lead motivation issues. Children treat grade as rewards, because they know if they got good grade, their parents and teachers would give them some rewards or even some compliments. Children will expect that reward before they have specific action. Regarding to china’s population, students’ face a lot of competition, they only care about score. Extrinsic rewards have been used as the primary methods of motivation and discouragement in the educational system. However, such approach may harm students, as it may deteriorate the relationship between students, and they may experience punished for not achieving the results (Wheatley, 2016).
In preparing your paper, please research on the topic of early childhood education in China in general – what is its history? What are the current laws? How equitably is it made available to students? Please provide some data – percent of children in private schools (and the quality); and percent of children in public schools; and other data you feel it is important for us to know.

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