• March 17th, 2016

Critical review essay of a named health promotion scheme/initiative/current issue

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3000 words max
A critical essay on a named public policy. The essay should include a introduction, discussion, conclusion. There is not a clear outline. The writer can criticise in which every style preferable to them. Any public health policy can be chosen- which ever seems appropriate to the writer.
I will take photos of an example essay : fluoridation of tap water in the UK. ( this policy can not be done )
It should be mentioned to what extent – the policy has worked or hasn’t worked as well. How the outcomes of the the policy has been measured. And if a policy has been successful – to what extent. The aim of the policy. The government might change definitions of an outcome. For example: homelessness. It needs to be defined according to their definition.

This link should take you to a list of government policies. If you use this link make sure you select policies in the area of public health (not every link refers to a policy, make sure you pick out a named public health POLICY).


An area (e.g. obesity) can not be the topic of your essay. A public health policy is a piece of legislation/campaign/initiative designed to impact on an area (e.g. obesity). So an example of a public health campaign/policy/initiative designed to tackle obesity is:

The walk for life/run for life campaign designed to get people exercising

The law forcing food manufacturers to label energy content of foods (food labelling)

The traffic light labelling system on food stuffs designed to promote awareness of macronutrient content

The proposed legislation for a sugar tax

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