• March 8th, 2016

Critical Review about Desalination Technology in Spain and Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf ( GCC )

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Write only for 5-6 pages must included the following:
• You must write about the current and future situation for desalination Situation on Desalination in Spain & GCC.
• You must provide some figures and table updating 2015/2016.
• You must write with regard to only for these water desalination systems RO-MSF-MED.

2. The main factors in selecting a Desalination process
• (You must write about these factors and their impact on the overall cost of Desalination only for 2-3 pages)
There are many factors to highlight that could affect the cost and selection of a desalination technology; they include:
1. Plant capacity size.
2. Availability of Technonlgy.
3. Salinity and quality of feed water
4. Product water, quality.
5. Brine water disposal.
6. Total Cost.
7. Recovery ratio as a function of the feed.
8. Energy consumption per unit product wáter.
9. Equipment efficiency and energy utilization.
10. Availability of dependable energy supply.

3. Methodology of AHP application (Analytical Hierarchy Process_
Write only for 2-3 pages must included the following:
• How we can use this method for formulating and analyzing decisions to select Desalination Technology.
• It describes the matrix and equations that are used in this way to select Desalination Technology.
• Schematic diagram of the proposed model for Desalination Technology selection.
• Relative Importance Measurement Scale take it (as it is) as following:

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