• March 4th, 2016

Critical Evaluation – The broad view: conducting surveys and questionnaire design

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

please see the assessment ” Critical Evaluation”.

please make sure to use these references in the assignment:
-Qualitative research methods for media studies – Bonnie brennen 2013
-Mass communication research methods- Hansen,Andres 1998
-Researching social life- Gilbert,G.Nigel c2008
– Bryman, A. (2008). Self Completion Questionnaires. In Social Research -Methods (3rd ed., pp. 215-229). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
– Krosnick, J. A., & Presser, S. (2010). Question and Questionnaire Design. In P. -V. Marsden & J. D. Wright (Eds.), Handbook of Survey Research (2nd ed., pp. 263-314). Bingley: Emerald.
– Schaeffer, N. C., & Dykema, J. (2011). Questions for Surveys. Public Opinion Quarterly, 75(5), 909-961.

-A gentle guide to research methods: chapter( Questionnaires: when to use, when not to use, which questions to ask, what format to use) – Gordon Rugg, Marian petre 2006
– social research method chapter : Self Completion Questionnaires – Bryman 2008
– Feminist approaches to in-depth interviewing-Sharlene Hesse-Biber

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