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Critical Case Analysis

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50-year-old woman with excessive thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss

History: Reese Thompson, a 50-year-old woman who was in good health, noticed significant changes relating to her general well-being in the
past month. She has been drinking more water due to always feeling thirsty and has noticed an increase in the frequency of urination. Ms. Thompson’s breathing pattern has also significantly changed. She breathes very quickly. Despite eating relatively more than what she usually eats, Ms. Thompson has lost 5 kilograms in the past month without having incorporated any additional physical activity or any dietary changes into her normal routine. She also feels increasingly tired. In the past week, Ms. Thompson has become nauseated, vomiting on three occasions, prompting a visit to a doctor who noticed a fruity odour in her breath.
Ms. Thompson’s lab results are as follows: Fasting blood glucose = 15.00 mmol/L Glucose in Urine = 1.24 mmol/L
Ketone Bodies in Urine = 4.44 mmol/L Blood pH level = 7.00
Critically analyse and discuss Ms. Thompson’s case using the following questions to structure your response:
Ms. Thompson is diagnosed as a diabetic and directed to undergo a diabetic care training program, learning how to self-inject insulin and check blood-glucose level at home. In addition, she learns the importance of carrying lollies with her at all times as well as eating the right amounts of food at the right times each day.

(A) Discuss the metabolic pathways that lead to high blood glucose levels and lowered blood pH.

(B) Describe the metabolic causes for Ms.Thompson’s breathing pattern and fruity odour in breathe.

(C) Discuss the causes for excessive thirst and frequent urination.

(D) Explain the risks associated with self-insulin administration and the importance of carrying lollies.

Note: Explanation relating to the metabolic pathways that occur within the body is expected. Inclusion of reactions is not required.

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