• April 1st, 2016

Critical Appraisal of a randomised controlled trial

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Critical Appraisal of a randomised controlled trial

1. The article to be used for the assignment is:”Foot massage versus quiet presence on agitation and mood in people with dementia: a randomised controlled trial”. (It is attached).

2. The task involves critically appraising the chosen randomised controlled trial article using the CASP critical appraisal tool 11 questions. These 11 questions should be the headings for the assignment. (It is attached).

3. The assignment does not have to be written in essay format, but should use complete sentences, not bullet points

4. Structure the assignment as a series of answers using the CASP tool questions and headings that are used in the CASP tool.

5. Address each component of the CASP tool demonstrating understanding of key areas.

6. Reference must be used to support the answers you provide- In Harvard style with page numbers in the in text reference.

7. Word length 1300 – not including the reference list.

8. Reference list numbers minimum 15. Use only American, British or Australian.

10. An example model about how to write the assignment is attached along with the article for that model. If you read the model you will get an understanding about how to write the assignment.

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