• April 7th, 2016

Criminal Justice

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Term Research Project

Big-City Police (R.M. Fogelson, 1977), Policing a Free Society (H. Goldstein, 1977) and Violence and the Police: A Sociological Study of Law, Custom and Morality (W.A. Westley, 1970) are three masterworks in the field of policing. In your Term Research Project, your task is to analyze, compare and contrast these three masterworks in a well-organized academic research paper while addressing the following issues:

The role of police in American society
Education level in police organizations
Police corruption
Police brutality
Reform movements in police organizations
Police subculture
Police accountability
How does Westley speak of police corruption in his work? What does Fogelson say about reform movements in police organizations? How does Goldstein approach to police accountability in Policing a Free Society?

Your research paper is expected to be between 10-15 pages and double-spaced.

You are expected to use APA Style.

You are expected to use and cite at least three academic sources.

You are expected to post your paper on the BB as a Word Document attachment.

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