• August 12th, 2017

Creativity And Innovation

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Is Creativity & Innovation important to individual or organizational success?

If you believe it is then you may like to consider the following…
• How do we define creativity and innovation?
• What’s the difference between them?
• Where does one end and the other begin?
• Can you have one without the other? What would be the result if you did?
• Where does intra/entrepreneurship fit in?
• What are examples of people, organizations, or products/services etc. you believe are innovative, and why do you believe they are. What type(s) of innovation do they display or use to be successful?

In addition the following questions may raise your interest…
• Is it important that we have ‘creative’ people in our business?
• Are creative people born or developed – nature or nurture?
• What examples do we have of creative genius – and what makes them creative?
• Should we try to find and hire creative geniuses?
• Should we reward creativity and innovation, and if so how might we do that?
• What is your experience in this area?

Assignment 1 Individual Essay (30%)

Each participant is required to submit an essay based on an exploration of the nature of creativity and innovation – how these are defined, what academics and others say about them, what their own experiences are, and how they might apply the insights they gain from reading material on these topics. The assignment report should be a document of 2000-2500 words and should include a Mind Map® overview and Executive Summary. The topic will relate to the theory and practice of creativity and innovation in an organisational setting and will require participants to research the current body of knowledge in the area and present a case based on their research.

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