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Creating an Investment Portfolio | UK US Essays
  • May 5th, 2015

Creating an Investment Portfolio

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




The sample paper can be used as basis for creating the report. 
Your project need to be organized as follows 
1. Cover page 

Group Name: Investment Fund Management Company Name 
Group logo : Create logo for your fund management company. 
2. Group members (Page 2) 

Possible roles may include: Project Manager (PM), Accountant, Technology and Graphics Follow worksheet 
3. Table of contents (Page3) 

4. Chapters as follows (Page 4…) 
A. Investor Personality Profile 
B. Investment Goals 
C. Asset Allocation Model 
D. Investment Decisions 
E. Portfolio Records and Monitoring 
5. Appendix

Creating an Investment Portfolio 
Student Assignment: Creating an Investment Portfolio Project Overview 
Your team will play the role of a financial planner who will propose a personal portfolio for a client. Please note that your team will present your findings in two forms: 
● a written report for the client and 
● a presentation of the results to the client. 

The portfolio management should be based on sharia compliant products available in Saudi Arabia or outside (International). 

The report should have a table of contents and be organized into the following sections. 
A. Investor Personality Profile 
B. Investment Goals 
C. Asset Allocation Model 
D. Investment Decisions 
E. Portfolio Records and Monitoring 

A. Investor Personality Profile (10%) 
You have the freedom to create your fictitious client but you must choose either a post-secondary education (for a child) or retirement as his or her investment goals. Your client may be any age, sex
or marital status you wish. You determine the person’s occupation, savings, income and number of children. As you do the investor profile activity, try to answer the questions as your client would. Keep track of the questions and answers as part of the profile. Most programs name the investor personality type. When you are finished you must write a profile of your client. 
Criteria: Has the team created a realistic profile of the client and provided answers to the kinds of questions a financial planner would ask? Is the goal clearly stated in terms of time? 
B. Investment Goals (20%) 
In this section you will state specifically how much money the client will need to meet his or her investment goal and how much the client must save weekly, monthly or yearly to meet that goal. You will use online calculators to determine these numbers. 
Criteria: Has the team stated the goal clearly and given the dollar amount required to meet it? 
Has the team offered clear and objective evidence to explain the monthly savings required to meet the goals? Has the team properly referenced all sources? 
C. Asset Allocation Model (10%) 
In this section, you use the investor profile to develop an asset allocation model dividing the investments into cash, fixed income and equity. Explain your choice. 
Criteria: Has the team shown an understanding of risk, liquidity, return and time frame in selecting an asset allocation? Has the team offered clear and objective evidence to support their asset allocation? 
D. Investment Decisions (40%) 
This section recommends specific investments to be part of the asset allocation for the portfolio. These must be real investments and the costs of acquisition should be identified. There is no limit on the number of investments chosen but each should be chosen for a specific reason. Criteria: Does the team have specific investments – name, institution, costs, etc.? Does the team offer reasons why one investment was chosen over another? Is there diversity within the category and a reason for that diversity? Do one or more of the choices reflect research and a desire to try something different and less traditional? 
E. Portfolio Records and Monitoring (20%) 
This section recommends a method by which the client can record and monitor his or her investments. It also includes detailed instructions and samples of how to use the program and evaluate the reports generated by the program. 
Criteria: Does the team offer reasons for choosing the program they did? Reasons should include: how it handles transactions, reports, returns, and calculates returns. Has the team included printouts to support these reasons?


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