• April 7th, 2016

Creating a new portable air conditioner using Amway’s Air Purification Technology

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your group’s primary goal for this activity is as follows:

• Prepare a two to four page status report on your group project to include the following: (please only concentrate on the points marked with ***)
o Definition of your customer
o Definition of the problem
o Purpose of the project
o ***High level view of the project***
o ***Create a simple flow chart to show the steps that your team will have to complete for the team project, and assign estimated times***

Given the information below please construct the high level view of the project and a simple flow chart to show the steps that your team will have to complete for the team project.

Decide on the product/service to be produced in the case study: Modular air conditioning.
• The air conditioner would include a built-in air purifier using Amway’s existing air purification technology
• We may want to make it quieter because current air conditioners are loud
• Implement Eco design to decrease the electricity consumption (design a connection that can use solar power to augment the electricity usage)

Define the customer: Amway (primary); public and private sector (secondary)

Determine what process technology and support is necessary for the project to be viable: Forecasting, product service and design, technological changes, equipment and facilities

Discuss how to apply the course material to the case study: Strategy map, SIPOC charts, VA/VE, Matrix project, Capacity Analysis, etc.

Teamwork strategy: Divide and conquer with team collaboration on the overall direction of the project.

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