• April 11th, 2016

Create a Literacy Night for Grades Kindergarten through Second Grade

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Then write up your plans for implementation.

  1. What will be done?
  2. How it will correlate with reading curriculum grades kindergarten through second grades?
  3. Justify your plan including citations and statements from my annotated bibliography. (I will send this.Only use citations from the articles provided on bibliography.)
  4. Justify and be consistent with perspectives that I gathered in annotated bibliography.


Within the plans the following elements should be included:

Clearly identify a family or community resource (use the public library) that will help the students at the Family Literacy Night. Tell SPECIFICALLY how we will use resources from the public library. Also, create arrangements for parents who are unable to attend to benefit from any information shared. This must include in depth plans with identification and creation of resources.

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