• March 13th, 2016

Coursework, English

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Required Journal Entry 13: Evaluating Your Sources
Describe when its appropriate to use sources in an essay. Why is it important to differentiate
between facts, opinions, and bias when choosing sources for your research? (2 paragraphs,
6-8 sentences each)

Required Journal Entry 14: Organizing Your Information
Describe at least two ways to organize your information effectively. Choose the method that would work best for you and explain why.
(2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)
Reflect: Briefly describe what counts as plagiarism. When is it appropriate to cite information? What information doesnt need to be cited?
(1 paragraph, 68 sentences)

Required Journal Entry 15: Using Your Sources Responsibly
In your own words, define these terms : direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary. Then, explain the most effective use of each of these three types of sources. (2 paragraphs, 68 sentences each)

Required Journal Entry 17: Recognizing Your Opposition
Identify and define the three ways you can recognize opposing views in an argument. In your
own words, explain why its valuable to include the opposition in your essay. (1 paragraph,
6 sentences)

Required Journal Entry 18: Course Reflection
Reflect: Review your journal, starting with your first entry and the learning inventory. Reflect on
how this course has helped you with your studies. Consider your progress as a writer through each journal entry and essay. How has your writing changed since you started the course? Identify the improvements youve made and the skills you still need to practice. (3 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)
Evaluate: Explain how your learning and writing has improved. Explain what you would have done differently, and describe the approach to writing youll use in your future assignments. (2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)

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