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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This will not need reference just answer the short answers please.This will test your knowledge of the materials covered from Spring Break to the end of the course. The questions below are taken directly from the assigned readings and instructor notes (“course materials”). Please note that while it might be possible to answer some of these questions by utilizing outside sources, I will be looking for answers that can be found in the course materials. Understand that if you use outside materials to answer the questions, you are assuming the risk of an incorrect answer if your answer conflicts with an answer found in the course materials.

This exam is worth 30% of your course grade. The short answer questions will count for 80% of your exam grade and the issue spotting question will count for 20% of your grade.

What is the primary purpose of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act?

Identify the seven components of a physician practice compliance program.

What is the primary function of the National Practitioner Data Bank?

What is “upcoding”?

ASHRM is a federal government agency, True or False?

Is it legal for a physician to provide free or discounted services to uninsured people?

If a Florida law is not contrary to HIPAA but is more stringent than HIPAA a health care provider would have to comply with both Florida law and HIPAA? True or False

Name and describe the four components of emergency management.

Explain the concept of “minimum necessary” when using and/or disclosing protected health information.

Explain the “SOAP” method of charting.

Is it appropriate to make a risk management “incident report” part of the medical record? Why or Why Not.

In a paper medical record it is generally considered acceptable to “white out” a mistake. True or False?

Name the three classes of entities are that considered “covered entities” under the HIPAA privacy rule.

What is the difference between a “Personal Health Record” and an “Electronic Health Record”?

“HIPPA” is the correct acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. True or False?

Issue Spotting Scenario

Below is a hypothetical scenario. Please review the scenario and identify any action/inaction that you believe might be inappropriate, if any. Briefly, (no more than a sentence or two) explain why you believe any identified action/inaction is inappropriate.

The ABC Medical Clinic is an outpatient physician office located in Corruptville, FL. Dr. Jones, along with his nurse, Belinda are employees of the clinic. Last Tuesday, Dr. Jones was treating Ms. Davis for a very embarrassing and sensitive medical condition. Belinda, who was assisting Dr. Jones, happens to be a distant relative of Ms. Davis but only sees her once or twice a year at family gatherings. The Medical Clinic recently purchased an electronic medical record but is still in the process of implementing it so for the present time the practice is documenting patient encounters in both a paper record and the electronic medical record.

During Ms. Davis’s visit, Belinda was documenting in the paper chart before entering information into the electronic medical record. Belinda noticed that she made a small error on the chart by listing Ms. Davis as a “non-smoker” instead of a “smoker”. Belinda went ahead and whited out the word “non” in front of the word smoker on the paper chart and then entered the information into the electronic medical record. During Belinda’s lunch break she went TGI Fridays where her friend Mary works as a server. Mary happens to be Ms. Davis’s niece. While ordering, Belinda mentioned to Mary that she saw Ms. Davis today and that she wasn’t looking good. Mary then asked what was wrong to which Belinda replied that she couldn’t really talk about it because of HIPAA.

When Belinda returned to the office she saw that Jimmy John, the area pharmaceutical rep, was just leaving his meeting with Dr. Jones. Jimmy said hello to Belinda and then told Dr. Jones “here are the drug samples that I mentioned”. On the way out the door Jimmy stopped and said “doc I almost forgot here are those Dolphins tickets that you asked for…50 yard line”. Belinda then said, “what about me?” to which Jimmy said “come out to the car, I have a nice coffee mug and some pens for the office”.

During the afternoon, Dr. Jones was giving a yearly physical to Bob Smith. At the conclusion of the physical, Dr. Jones gave Belinda the chart and she said to Dr. Jones, “Mr. Smith’s insurance does not cover physicals so should I just code it as a “sick visit” like we did last year?” Dr. Jones told her to go ahead and code it as a “sick visit”.

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