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Mr. Armstrong is a 76-year-old male with a history of renal insufficiency.  He has had some lab work done and his BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is 40 and his creatinine is 3.5.  He is diagnosed with acute renal failure.  He has no history of trauma or obstruction.  However, he does has a significant history of uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure) and complains of fatigue, swelling in his feet (pedal edema), and occasional shortness of breath.


  1. Mr. Armstrong’s history and symptoms are consistent with which type of renal failure?
  2. Prerenal acute renal failure.
  3. Intrarenal acute renal failure
  4. Postrenal acute renal failure


  1. Describe the difference among these three types of acute renal failures.


  1. What health issues has Mr. Armstrong had that can factor into the development of renal failure?


  1. What treatments are used for these three types of renal failure?


  1. What health promotion practices should Mr. Armstrong do to help himself in the future?


This case study should approximately 2-3 pages in length with at least 3 pages of content.  A separate title page and reference page is to be included.  Use the questions as headers for your answers.  The entire case study is to be in APA format and submitted as a Word document (.doc or .docx) through the Graded Assignments tab in the course menu.  Grading is done with the Case Study Rubric.

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