• April 26th, 2016

Course Take Aways

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Part 1: It is important that after each course students reflect on what they have learned or “taken away” from the exercises, quizzes, interactions, etc. The final assignment is for you to write a brief description of three significant “take-aways” you have gleaned from this course. The three significant “take-aways” should be well written in at least 3 paragraphs, doubled spaced, which describe the “take-aways” and how they can help you in your career or in your current job.


(Class) Customer Relations for Management:


Part 2: This last forum provides an opportunity for all of you to synthesize and share your learning experience with the class. Take some time and reflect on what you have learned during the course. Then, write a list of your “Top 3 Takeaways.” Be sure to explain the following in your response: why did you choose each concept? How have you been able to apply them at your workplace? How do you think it will help you in your future role as a leader? Please read and respond to the above question. Word count needs to be 200.

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