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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You must write a paper comparing & contrasting the different styles & strategies of negotiations in the two assigned films from Groups A, B, C or D.

Please note that this paper is not a descriptive writing exercise.
Choose one group only (see below)

Group A (both films)Group B (two films) Group C (two films)
ArbitrageCaptain PhillipsDiplomacy
LockeBridge of SpiesSaving Mr Banks

Group D (two films)
A Most Wanted Man
Dangerous Liaisons (Glenn Close)

Preliminary Point You must analyze the two films in the chosen Group (A,B,C or D)
Failure to do so results in a fail grade i.e. 0% (zero percent)
Choose one negotiation issue from each film that should be critically compared & contrasted by answering the mandatory questions below:

1.What was the approach to the chosen negotiation sessions (e.g., goals, limits, concession tactics, communication strategies, pre-defined outcomes etc.)?
2.How did the approach help the person(s) and how did it hurt/disadvantage them?
3.Identify the Difficult Conversations that took place?
4.What was right and what was wrong with their approach and why?
5.How does the approach assist them to achieve important goals, protect them from poor outcomes, or alternatively, lead them to poor outcomes or result in missed opportunities?
6.What differences were there in the two films and the chosen negotiations as regards ethical issues?
7.In what respects was the distribution of power used effectively by the concerned parties?

You must write a reflective, analytical paper not a descriptive paper.
The reflection paper cannot exceed five typewritten pages, 1.5 double-spaced.
The mandatory questions must be considered in the order stated on the PO and should be used as sub-titles when writing the assignment.
A minimum of five academic references should be used. Failure to use academic thought leads to a fail grade irrespective of the level of analysis.

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