• April 15th, 2016

Cost-Effectiveness and Educational Policy

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Assignment 4: 

You will find in the Moodle folder for this week the chapter by Celia Brown & Clive Belfield, “How Cost-Effective Are Lectures?  A Review of the Experimental Literature” Chap. 8 in Levin & McEwan, Cost-Effectiveness and Educational Policy.  Please read this article carefully and answer the four questions.


(1)  What are the alternatives that the authors consider for comparison?  Why are these considered to be appropriate alternatives?  Which ones are most widely used?  Why?



(2)  How do Brown & Belfield estimate costs of the alternatives?  Are their estimates complete?  Do you see any biases?



(3)  How do Brown & Belfield estimate effectiveness of the alternatives?  Is this measure of effectiveness appropriate?  Does it leave out anything important?


(4)  What is the Brown & Belfield conclusion on cost-effectiveness?  Do you agree with their conclusion?  Where would you be cautious?



Your responses should constitute about 4 pages, double-spaced, one page for each answer.  Remember to provide your reasoning behind each answer.

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