• February 13th, 2017

Cost Accounting 3

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Develop a company and determine what it will produce and sell. The requirement for this company is that it be a high-end, special-order type of manufactured product. Complete the following in a Word document of 1,000 words:
• Develop a list of inputs along with their associated costs, such as labor, materials, and overhead. You can research this information, make it up, or do a combination of both. Be specific as to costs.
• You are to determine the selling price. Show your calculations, and discuss why you have determined this to be a good sale price.
• How many items of your product will you need to produce to meet this sale price? How did you calculate this?
• Determine which of the costing systems discussed in this class will work best for your company. Explain why.
o Explain why those not chosen were not a good fit for your company.

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