• March 3rd, 2016

Corporate Governance

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Part 1. There have been many changes to corporate governance in the UK since the Cadbury  Report. Looking at the current situation explain the purpose and objective of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2014, and the principles on which it is based. In particular you should;
1. Discuss what is meant by rules-based and principles-based approaches to corporate governance, identifying the arguments for each approach. (25 marks)
Part 2.
Choose a UK listed PLC and examine the following;
2. Institutional investors are becoming increasingly dominant. Discuss the issues arising from this in terms of their role and relationship with this business. (25 marks)
3. Discuss the major potential conflicts of interest that affect non executive directors and how they are addressed by the corporate governance code. Discuss how non executive directors in this corporation are fulfilling their duties in relation to all stakeholders. (25 marks)
Part 3.
4. In which way do you think corporate governance in the UK could be improved and what lessons can be learned from the approaches other countries have taken? (25 marks)


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