• April 20th, 2016

Corporate Governance

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Robber Barons vs. Captains of Industry vs. Philanthropists


John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie have been called many things good and bad. Narrowing down the type of individuals they are, they have been put into one of the following 3 categories:

  • Robber Barons
  • Captains of Industry
  • Philanthropist


You are required to :


For Both John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie:

  1. Stakeholders : Evaluate the various stakeholders and their respective interests. (100 words guideline)
  2. Governance a: Critical evaluation of key governance issues for each of the key characters and their stakeholders. (250 words guideline)
  3. Governance b: Evaluate key governance challenges, and how effective they may manage them. (250 words guideline)
  4. Does philanthropic activities justify wealth making? Discuss the merits of philanthropic activities for business. (500 words guideline)
  5. Do the actions of the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Foundation justify or legitimate the past actions of John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil, and Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Steel? (500 words guideline)
  6. Do a comparison between Rockefeller and Carnegie are they of the same mind set to life? (200 words guideline)
  7. In your opinion are Rockefeller & Carnegie good guys or bad guys? Which category would you place them and why? (200 words guideline)

(Either structured essay or report format – 2000 words +/- 10%)

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