• March 23rd, 2016

Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting Coursework

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please follow the guideline below in presenting your coursework report. (10marks)

1.1. Executive Summary
2.1. Review of UK and Global Economy (Re: Step 2 of Coursework)
2.2. Review of Target Company Sector (Re: Step 2 of Coursework)
2.3. Company Information (Re: Step 2 of Coursework)
3.1 Preliminary Valuation: Assumptions, Results, and Discussion (Re: Step 1 of Coursework)
3.2 Valuation: Assumptions, Results, and Discussion (Re: Step 3 of Coursework)
3.3 Sensitivity Analysis (Optional)
4.1 Recommendations and Conclusion
• Buy?
• At what price?
o e.g. average of results using the various valuation methods
o remember this is not an NPV coursework
• Any other issues
o e.g. limitations of your method

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