• April 21st, 2016

COPD and Respiratory Failure

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Case Reports:

1. You MUST follow the format of case reports as presented in our professional journal, “Respiratory Care.”

2. Required components are Introduction, Case Summary, Discussion, and References. An abstract is optional for associate students only.

3. If you choose to do a patient study, choose a patient that interests you and collect all necessary data, as per guidelines, for your paper. Your patient MUST be a pulmonary patient. If you choose to evaluate equipment, it must be directly tied to an actual patient in your care, unless you choose to do a retrospective study (requires permission from IRB).

4. It is mandatory that you follow all HIPPA regulations.

5. Be sure to write in a narrative style. An outline or any other deviation from this style will not be accepted, and your case study will be returned to you for a re-write.

6. Be sure to include all “units” when values are presented. For example, PaCO2 = 44 mm Hg.

7. Give all supplemental oxygen settings and/or ventilator settings when presenting a blood gas result.

8. Be aware of footnoting. For explicit directions on how to accomplish this, look at the following website : https://facstaff.unca.edu/epearson/footnote_guidelines.htm

9. A bibliographical list is required and should be placed at the end of the case study. This bibliography should include journal references (text or online), textbook references, and an online evidence based references. Online references must be evidence-based sites such as Pubmed.

10. The use of tables, graphics, etc., is encouraged, but not necessary.

11. The length of the case study is not important. You must write a thorough and concise paper. This will normally take 3 to 5 typewritten pages, double-spaced. Please use a #12 font.

12. Your class presentation should be a summary of your case study. Do NOT read your paper to the class. Be prepared to answer questions based upon the information that you presented. If you desire to use PowerPoint in your class presentation, this can be accommodated.

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