• April 26th, 2016

Contract law

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

“Discuss and compare the latent condition clauses in the standard form contracts AS 2124-1992, 4000-1997, ABIC MW-1 2003 and PC-1 2003 and PC-1 1998.” You will need to cite all relevant case law and statutory law.

This assignment is worth 40% of the course assessment. Word guide 2,400.
– Marking Criteria
You will be assessed on the evidence and content you provide of your understanding of the following:
a) Describe and compare the procedure a builder needs to follow to make a successful claim under the four standard form contracts for a latent site condition. 8 marks.

b) Describe and compare the scope of the protection of the latent condition clauses under the four standard form contracts for the builder. 8 marks.

c) Discuss any ambiguity in the latent condition clauses and advise why you consider them to be ambiguous or unclear. 8 marks.

d) Discuss the common law principles of interpretation a court will take to an ambiguous wording in a contract. 12 Marks.

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