• April 19th, 2016

Contract law

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For the assessment you should write an answer to the problem below. To answer the problem, you will need to consider the cases you should have read in BBF 5th ed. for seminars, or which you were asked to cover on your own, as well as other material which has been lectured on and in the suggested reading. In particular you should look at the revised section of BBF on Liquidated Damages and Deposits (which will be available on the module webpages under Materials). You are also expected to be familiar with topics that were not directly lectured on, but which appeared in the lecture handouts (except for material marked as not examinable).


You should state the issues, support your argument with authority (case law or legislation) and present your conclusions. Overleaf you will find some Notes of Guidance.


Word limit: your answer should not exceed 2,500 words, although footnotes (which should be for references only) and the Bibliography are not included in this. Any text in the footnotes which is discussion (rather than just references) is included in the word-limit.


February. SBG then wrote to him terminating the contract and refusing to pay him anything.


SBG has also discovered that in fact Bunter has submitted only 490 reports; and that Bunter visited very few vegetarian restaurants, which SBG says “skews the survey”. Bunter says he visited few vegetarian places because “beans are food for horses, not people.”


SGB say that clause 13 was put into the contract because it would not be possible to commission anyone else of Bunter’s reputation to do the survey instead of Bunter in the time available before publication. They may be able to get someone else to write a essay based on Bunter’s reports without delaying publication but they are not yet sure.

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