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Contemporary issues

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Project management

Contemporary issues essay guide:

1. Prepare a formal academic essay (word guide 3,000) that examines various criticisms (from the lecture programme on contemporary issues) of project performance. [Part 1]

Part 1: For this assignment you may choose to focus on a single issue introduced in the module’s programme, or several of the issues introduced in class, or all of them. You will see as the module’s classes progress, that many of the issues in contemporary delivery of projects are interrelated, and/or one is consequential to the other(s).

Where you have a workplace issue from your current or previous practice relating to project work performance (or issue) we are eager for you to consider that case if you would like to. Case studies should be described dispassionately (You may wish to employ the ‘reflective framework’ approach, see a tutor about this) and the case study must conform to ethical practice, anonymising persons and organisations.

Search for a case study for you to use and include in the essay.

In the essay kindly include:

Briefly explain contemporary issues and what does text books have to say about it.

with sources like:

* Kernzer

* Dennis Lock

* Harvey Maylor

* M,Latham (constructing a team)

* Egan (1998) Rethinking construction

List contemporary issues and critically analyze the issue without giving any solution to it

Speak about the “planning fallacy”.

Procurment contemporary issues

There are issues in the ppt file that I attached.

Business case contemporary issues:

Use Sydney opera house case study as an example, Or any other case studies or issues that you might find related to Project management.

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