• March 27th, 2016

Contemporary global security agenda in relation to major events and key theoretical concepts;

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

One 1,500 word Report
Report Topic

Report: This involves a bit of role-play by you. You are an official of an international organisation (e.g. one of the UN agencies; NATO; the EU, OSCE, AU etc. ORfrom a recognised international Non-Governmental Organisation (e.g. Amnesty International; Greenpeace; Oxfam etc.).

Your organisation is actively involved in some role in a conflict. This must be an actual conflict that is current, although your Report and the Mission undertaken to produce it are of course fictional. The Reports must, however, be based upon factual material and evidence concerning the real conflict and the organisation you choose to use as your fictional vehicle for this assignment and hence requires background research. You must not reproduce an existing Report from the Internet or other sources as this will be regarded as plagiarism.

You are responsible for reporting back to your organisation about the progress of this conflict if it is current OR providing an evaluation of performance in a past involvement if the conflict has ended.

You need to explain to your organisation the extent to which its objectives are being achieved. The assignment therefore takes the form and style of an official Report (some of you may well have had to write one of these before joining Coventry University).

The principal features include:

• a brief note explaining the reason for your visit and the schedule of meetings undertaken); a brief outline of the rationale for involvement, the key aims and objectives of involvement, and the means adopted (often involving a brief chronology);
• the positive outcomes and an explanation of why they should be regarded as positive;
• the obstacles and problems being faced (or still remaining);
• your recommendations and action points.

Bibliographical references and/or brief bibliography are required and must conform to referencing style (NB. not included in the word limit).

Aims and objectives of the Module
Following the Module Specification Document: the intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this Module the student should be able to:
1. Demonstrate adequate understanding of the contemporary global security agenda in relation to major events and key theoretical concepts;
2. Show knowledge of the emerging contemporary security threats, both conventional and non-military and of their political and human impact;
3. Interpret key national and international policy decisions and strategies for coping with and deterring the new security threats.

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