• April 10th, 2016

Consumer behaviour theory

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Report: 25%
The aim of the first assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the consumer behaviour theory studied from week 1-6 by applying it to a practical situation. This is an individual piece of assessment and should be presented in “report” format.
Your task:
Select three brands from one product category with home appliances. Find an artefact of each brand (e.g., a product label, packaging or advertisement) and try to discern whether a consumer behaviour theory has been applied to create that artefact. You need to identify a different consumer behaviour theory that underpins each artefact, so try to select diverse artefacts to make the task easier for yourself. Discuss whether each theory was applied well or poorly, and provide recommendations for how it could have been improved. To do this, you may draw upon the theory you have already identified or draw upon another theory which, if applied to that artefact, would also improve its ability to influence consumer behaviour. Be sure to include a picture of each artefact in your report.
We require:
You to identify three diverse product artefacts (3 brands within a· single product category).
You to identify three consumer behaviour theories (one for each· artefact/brand). Provide a
description of that theory, then discuss how it has been applied to the artefact.
You to draw upon diverse references to justify your thoughts.·
You to provide recommendations for improvement, using consumer· behaviour theories covered in
the unit so far.
A report which is no more than 2500 words.·
A minimum of 8 references (minimum of 4 journal articles) to be used· throughout your report.

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