• April 3rd, 2016

Consumer Behaviour (Business Management)

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The aim of this assessment is to evaluate your understanding of consumer behaviour and ability to apply appropriate theories within the given context.

Coursework details:
You are a marketing consultant currently working on a consumer research project. Some consumers are motivated and willing to engage in sustainable consumption whilst many others are not. Your client asks you to provide a critical evaluation as to what drives consumers to behave sustainably. The report must include the following aspects:

1. Critically discuss the key factors (such as motivation and barriers) affecting consumers whether or not to take part in sustainable consumption. (70%)
2. Based on your findings, make some marketing recommendations to your client. How can sustainable consumption be effectively promoted? (30%)

Important notes before you start:
• A critical review must be demonstrated in your coursework which should not be based on description. Coursework based on description is a clear fail. You must show your ability of applying the theory and using real world examples.
• Your discussion should be in-depth and specific. There is a word limit (see below). You must also avoid being too broad e.g. trying to cover much.
• You are expected to read around the subject. Your reading scope must go beyond the text book and additional reading suggested to you. For example, you must demonstrate reading evidence of academic journal articles.

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